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Various Work

Award-winning student short film completed in April 2020 with a team of 8. Personal jobs included storyboarding, character design, colour design, 2D animation, and cleanup.
This short film utilizes practical backgrounds overlayed with 2D digital animation.

paw still.jpg
PrePAWsterous - Awards

Compositing by Eryn Suchara 

PrePAWsterous - Dog Designs
PrePAWsterous - Shiba Design

The Oxhamchesterton Murder
Board Sequences, Character Design

Designs and boards for an independent short film script written by Laurel Pratt.  A who-dun-it mystery with a comedic twist!

Oxham Murder - Designs

The Common Thread
Board Sequences, Character Design

A mentorship program with Travis Blaise to create a pitch bible with an emphasis on storyboards. Little scarf boy Arnie teams up with Knit and (cro)Chet to defeat the mysterious black yarn monsters plaguing their world.
A project by Travis Blaise, Jordan Gazitt, Areli Quinonez, Sue Anderson, Ethan Yu, AD Taeza, and Kait Baird.

Common Thread - Designs
Common Thread - Extras Designs

Designs in collaboration with AD Taeza

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